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Are-U-Game Workshop includes TWO comprehensive 4+ Hour Classes

This advanced TWO-class workshop focuses on FaceCap ADR.
FaceCap ADR is a specialized PCB performance technique to animate facial expressions based on pre-recorded dialog.
This 2-CLASS intensive  workout is open to experienced ADR actors or all returning students, who have completed the Are-U-Game workshop, or experienced ADR performers. This workout focuses on a specialized adaptation of PCB's Echo/Repeat and facial capture techniques, as well as working with recording scripts, script notations, matching reference, ADR cues, and more!


  • TWO 4-Hour Workshops - 5:00pm-9:00pm. June 11 & June 18th 2024.
    Space and availability are limited to 8 students per class. All students must complete a liability and non-disclosure form prior to enrollment. Sessions are non-refundable, and must be paid in full before the first class.

  • Join PCB’s award-winning casting/directing team Keith and Valerie Arem to develop your VO skills for video games. This specialized workout is open to returning Are-U-Game students or pass PCB actors. Classes take place in PCB's Los Angeles based state-of-the-art recording facilities.

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